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Ray Ban RB3136 Sunglasses
Ray Ban RB3136 Sunglasses
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Caravans are another classic among the popular sunglass variety. They are originally thin metal framed shades with dark tinted lenses. The frames in the caravans are almost square characterized by the double nose bridge. The classic varieties have a typical arched lower nose bridged spaced distinctly apart from the upper one.

Thin but sturdy arms support the entire frame. These are a delicate variety of sunglasses that come in black, gold and grey colored frames outgoing people.The glasses are tinted and come in a variety of shades from greys to browns and reds; mono or gradient style.

Caravans from the latest brands have a flip out variant where the glasses can be flipped and interchanged according to your mood and taste. stocks them all. Choose from a variety of brands to suit your palette.