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Ray Ban RB4148 Sunglasses
Ray Ban RB4148 Sunglasses
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The Caribbean series of shades are another vintage range of sunglasses. The shape and form resemble that of the Wayfarer, another classic, with the addition of a few more curves to it. Available in the three classic colours: black, mottled dark brown and mottled light brown these glasses double up as formal and casual as well. has a huge collection of this classic style of sunglasses in all brands and various price ranges. Branded sunglasses come with high rated UV protection lenses that offer protection from the harmful rays of the sun and are also polarized to prevent the glare of the summer sun hitting your eyes. Hence it is excellence for driving or when you are close to water. stocks both the men's and the women's range of Caribbean sunglasses, and many of them are unisex frames too. We source the best brands of sunglasses and make them available for you to choose at one place.