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What are Cookies?

When you visit, the web server that hosts our site places small data files in your computer. These text files are called cookies. We use different cookies for various purposes such as,

  • Working of certain website features and services
  • Improving the functionality of our website
  • Gathering some information for personalizing services and ads

Types of Cookies Used

  • Essential cookies allow you to interact with different features on this website and enable secure online shopping and payment.
  • Functionality cookies enable us to provide you specific services and help remember your preferences for continued, personalized use of our website and services.
  • Performance cookies gather anonymous data about how you use our website and assist us in improving the performance of our website. They monitor how you use a page, which page is more popular and what error messages are generated.
  • Targeting cookies are associated with the third parties to monitor and gather your browsing and shopping information. They use it to target promotional campaigns and advertisements on other websites you visit. They do no collect any personal information.


By using you give us your consent to send the above cookies to you browser for the stated purposes.

Third Party Cookies

Advertising cookies are used for remarketing needs by select third parties allowed by us. They try to recognise your interest and place ads of services and products that might interest you, on the page you visit. You have the option of opting out of these cookies.

Other than the advertising cookies, there are other third party cookies like those from embedded content. They are not related to us and we do not govern these third party cookies. Please refer to the respective third party sites for more information, policy and settings.

Managing Cookies

There are special settings in your browser that allow you to manage the cookies. You can allow, disable, remove stored cookies or choose to receive prompts. Completely disabling all the cookies or removing certain cookies can interfere with the basic functionality of certain websites. For instance, needs necessary cookies for its shopping cart and e billing.

Enabling Cookies

Depending on the type of browser you use, the enabling method differs. The “About” option on your browser will provide you the basic information about managing cookies on your browser. Use the specific link for your browser from the following to get more information on managing cookies.



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