Children Eye Care

It’s hard knowing that your kids have to wear glasses at an early stage; what’s even worst is trying to get them to wear the glasses when needed! There are a few ways in which you can try and persuade them to wear glasses. Of course there is bribing with sweets and chocolates, but some other ways include:

  1. Getting them good, fashionable glasses which they won’t hate; they can choose from a wide variety of glasses, and the NHS puts forward a voucher to help pay for the cost of the glasses.
  2. Don’t buy glasses which you think your child would fit into later on. This can be uncomfortable for them, and you can get then new glasses when they grow out of the currents ones anyway.
  3. Try and explain to your child why they need glasses, and that it would get them see better, and play more easily.

How Do You Know if Your Child Needs Glasses?

There are a few things which you, as a parent could look out for to see the symptoms if your child needs to wear glasses:

  1. Your child tends to squint a lot
  2. If he/she complains that things are blurry
  3. Covers up or closes one eye regularly
  4. Finds it difficult to read what is on the whiteboard at school
  5. You child rubs his/her eyes greatly
  6. Headaches often occur

If your child has any of these symptoms above, make sure that you take him/her to the opticians, and make regular check-ups to keep updated with your child’s vision.

There are other options if your child still refuses to wear glasses. They can wear contact lenses, though you would need to discuss this with your optician first. Your child would have to know what to do with the lenses, and they have to be responsible enough to put them in their eyes, take them out of their eyes and look after them properly.

A Few Facts:

  • Under 16’s eye tests for glasses are free on the NHS
  • An eye test should take about 20-30minutes
  • Glasses which are strong, lightweight, bendy and suitable for sport are available for your child.
  • 16 – Under 19s who are on full time education are covered by the NHS optician voucher.

We offer a wide range of free glasses for children in all sizes and shapes, we also offer adult sizes for kids who just love to keep growing. Our expert dispensers will help your kids go to school looking great and feeling confident in their new glasses.

If your child’s glasses fit and feel comfortable they are more likely to wear his or her glasses. This way they will look through the right part of the lens and will see better and perform better at school.

All our children's frames are carefully selected to meet individual prescription needs as well as specific requirements for fit, durability and fun!

Caring for Your Child's Glasses

Children's glasses undergo a lot of 'wear and tear'.

The following simple steps below can help prolong the life of their glasses:

  • To prevent glasses from bending out of shape, they must be taken off with both hands.
  • Never put glasses face down as the may scratch
  • Always keep glasses in a case when not being worn
  • Try and clean glasses daily for clear vision

By providing you with ongoing aftercare and advice, our aim is to keep caring for your child's eyes for many years to come not just after your visit to our practice.

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