Eye Test Procedure

Eye examinations are approximately 30minutes in duration; they are very important, as they check whether your eyes are healthy or whether you need spectacle correction or not.

  1. Eye tests can show whether you have any major eye conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes, cataracts or macular degeneration.
  2. Poor eyesight can be dangerous
    1. You may not be able to see the road signs whilst driving
    2. Your hand-eye co-ordination may not be as good
  3. Good vision gives you a better quality of life, as you can do everything better, for example playing sports or doing work.

What happens in an eye examination? The optometrist may examine you for the following:

It would be checked whether your eyes both work together, or one eye may be a lazy eye, and some muscles might not be strong enough.

  1. History and Symptoms.

  2. You or your family may have had some previous history with any eye disorder.
  3. Eye examination.

  4. The optometrist would look inside your eyes, check the pressure inside your eye and check your visual fields.
  5. Vision.

  6. Your eyes would be checked to see whether you actually need glasses, or you’re long/short sighted; these would be carried out by a series of tests.
  7. Co-ordination.

So, eye examinations are important, and if you don’t find out whether you need glasses or not, the problem could keep progressing. It is best to just get your eyes examined now rather than later; it would improve your quality of life.

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