Treatment for Presbyopia

Presbyopia usually occurs around the age of 40+. It is when you’re vision starts blurring at any distance, and your eye is unable to focus; the first stage is when fine print starts to blur at a close distance.


For example when reading close up, you will find that you have a blurry vision, and you would have to hold the book out further away from you so you can read it properly and focus. This may cause headaches, eye strains or even feel tired more often.


This is usually caused when you reach over 40. You’re eye muscle is very stretchy when you are younger, so when it thickens and flattens, is goes back to normal fairly easily. But, as you grow older, the flexibility decreases, and this could cause a strain in your eyes.


Two of the obvious treatments are, wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses. The best option is wearing bifocal eyeglasses, and you can wear bifocal contact lenses too. (Ask your optician about this).

You can also get other types of treatment, for example surgery. Conductive Keratoplasty (CK) can help overcome age related long sightedness. This treatment is better for people who haven’t needed glasses until their 40’s. CK eye surgery treatment can help eliminate or reduce the need of reading glasses, within around 3 minutes.

Ask your optician for more details on this.


The eye's lens becomes less flexible with age, so it is less able to focus when you view something close up.

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